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OUI Inital Claims Dataset

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    OUI Initial claims dataset contains the non-seasonally and seasonally adjusted Unemployment Insurance Initial Claims time-series data at the National level.

    Dataset Tables: 

    unemploymentInsuranceInitialClaims Table

    Column Name Column Description Data Type
    id ID - Primary key bigint
    week Week datetime
    initialClaimsSeasonalFactor Initial Claims Seasonal Factor decimal(10,1)
    continuingClaimsSeasonalFactor Continuing Claims Seasonal Factor decimal(10,1)
    coveredEmployment coveredEmployment decimal(10,0)
    nonSeasonallyAdjustedInitialClaims Non Seasonally Adjusted Initial Claims bigint
    seasonallyAdjustedInitialClaims Seasonally Adjusted Initial Claims int
    nonSeasonallyAdjustedContinuingClaims Non Seasonally Adjusted Continuing Claims bigint
    seasonallyAdjustedContinuingClaims Seasonally Adjusted Continuing Claims bigint
    seasonallyAdjustedInsuredUnemploymentRate Seasonally Adjusted Insured Unemployment Rate decimal(10,2)

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