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Here, on the Department of Labor's Developer Community site, you can access the ever growing number of datasets through our API. To make development easier, we even have SDKs available for you to use in your application.

Get started by creating your API key at the link below.

DOL Datasets

Health & Safety
Keeping What You Earn
Expanding Growth Opportunities & Learning
IPIA  •  OUI Initial Claims  •  BLS Numbers  •  More...

SDKs and Sample Code

Download  •  Git  • Documentation  •  Sample
Download  •  Git •  Documentation  •  Sample
Download  •  Git  •  Documentation  •  Sample
Download  •  Git  •  Documentation  •  Sample
Download  •  Git •  Documentation  •  Sample  •  Windows Phone 7 Sample
Download  •  Git •  Documentation  •  Sample
Download  •  Git •  Documentation  •  Sample

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